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October 2022

And just like that, it's October!

This month's update is full of CPD earning opportunities from K2E Canada Inc. and our partners Sage and Dext, to help you fulfill your annual professional development requirements.

Our next CPD webinar is on Thursday October 13th, sponsored by our partner Dext who will be providing an overview on the 5 Steps to Earning an Extra 100K in Your Bookkeeping Firm. Brian Tankersley will be showing you how to Supercharge Your Spreadsheet Collaboration. Be sure to register to attend and earn 1 verified CPD credit.

Wishing you a safe and happy long weekend with friends and family. As always, if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact me.



Don't Call it a Cleanup!

To this day, when I hear a professional say, “We need to clean up your books,” I cringe.

As accounting professionals, our professional opinion is that many (most? or all?) of the books we take over need to be “cleaned up.” Many times, we take over bookkeeping from a business where the owner did it themselves.

Five Tips to Avoid Burnout

Are you feeling overworked? If yes, you may be experiencing burnout, and these 5 tips to avoid burnout may help. Unfortunately, burnout is a real problem affecting millions of professionals worldwide.

Meanwhile, those who work long hours over a prolonged period can burnout. Burnout occurs from chronic workplace stress. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies burnout as an occupational phenomenon rather than a medical condition. Burnout comes from constant exposure to stressful situations, like job demands and lack of resources. As a result, people who experience burnout lose interest in their jobs and feel demotivated at work. 

Our broad curriculum of over 75 technology-focused CPD webinars accessible from your home or office provide verified CPD credit hours for a remarkably low price. We invite you to explore our catalogue of On Demand Webinars covering a wide range of topics including:

On Demand Webinar

Looking to declutter your business's use of various apps this fall? Confused by working with too many tools? Guest speaker, Moez Bawania, CPA, CA, from AMLB, will tell his story and strategy by using the right tech stack for his business. 

Don't miss this on demand webinar about learning how to steer away
from a tech overload to strategically plan your tech stack use.

Attend a Road to Excellence mini-webinar in person and earn 1 verified CPD credit when you answer a minimum of 75% of the polling questions and attend for 50 minutes of the live session. Every registrant will receive a link to the recorded webinar; so sign up today to ensure you're on the list.

All sessions begin at 12:00 pm ET

Click the Link Below to Learn More and Register

No Charge to Attend

October webinars with Sage

Join Sage for an webinar in October where we’ll cover various topics and show you products that will help your business.

  • Oct 11 – Hiring: Selecting the right team
  • Oct 18 – 6 ways you can build a healthier business
  • Oct 20 – Working online with Sage
  • Oct 25 – Content Marketing strategies for Small Businesses